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May Ball 1

Attended my first Cambridge May Ball for 13 years last night - St. Catharine's, my old college and the college where camcub now works as a research fellow. So he and I and despotliz and Doccies T and S (WANOLJ) went along.

The college buildings and the courts had been redesignated along the Narnia theme for the night - so the refectory was Cair Paravel, and there was the White Witch's Castle, Mr. Tumnus's house etc. etc. Lots of stone people and animals dotted about the place. Turkish delight and hot chocolate aplenty. The tickets were printed as evacuee luggage labels, which I thought was rather ingenious because it must have saved them a lot of money in printing costs (they were printed on real brown luggage tags), but it was still perfect for the theme.

I only got to hear a couple of bands as I was too busy doing other things such as playing DDR and having a go on the ice rink, not to mention picking up drinks and food all over the place. But I did get to hear a bit of the Killabytes and I Am Kloot, both pretty good, although Kloot were a bit depressing for such an upbeat occasion tbh.

The wind was so high at times that the gazebos were blowing over, but at least the ball committee had done a good last-minute job on getting some brolly company to donate a job lot of brollies, although many of them were blowing inside out. Even I was getting a bit cold at 4 am.

At that point I was definitely starting to flag, although I had wanted if at all possible to make it through to the survivors' photo, due to be taken at 6am just before everyone went home. Hugely fortunately, despotliz had cunningly spotted there was an indie rock covers band on over at the White Witch's place. I realised as soon as I saw the guitarist setting up was dressed in a leopardprint shirt and headband, looking suspiciously like a young Keith Richards, that we might be in for a good one. And then the unmistakeable strains of T-Rex. I immediately got my fifth wind and by the time Rock 'n Roll Superbowl had finished it was after 5am, and suddenly staying up for the photo seemed within reach.

I did make it, but I am glad I had popped my Please Do Not Disturb sign in my hotel room on the corby trouser press by the door, to remind myself to use it. I finally flopped into bed at about 6:35 am, and promptly fell asleep.

I get to do it all again on Saturday, but this time with stefanc! Yay!
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