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I am, notoriously, a bit of an Olympics geek.

I do like watching any sport played at an international level, but the difference with the Olympics is that there are so many minority sports involved that I for one never tend to watch - and I'm sure many others don't either - that suddenly become on a level because every sport is equal when it comes to the Olympics. This gives a huge chance to people who work incredibly hard in less well known sports to become stars, and I think it's just fantastic.

And I knew beforehand that this would be a great weekend for the British team, with some of our strongest sports reaching their concluding stages (when asked the usual Friday afternoon question at work: "what are you doing this weekend?", I said I'd set aside the weekend for Olympics watching). And as you can imagine, the weekend has lived up to my expectations.

I know it's a bit of a minority thing, but I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this weekend. I even stayed up late into the small hours of Saturday morning to watch Michael Phelps and Rebecca Adlington do so well. It's the best result the UK has had for so long, and for a hardcore Olympics geek like me, it's been the best , most enjoyable result.

Roll on 2012. :o)
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