Anne (ajva) wrote,

The fun speeches of the US election

In case you haven't seen them yet: McCain and Obama at that white tie dinner last week. McCain went first, and then Obama; watch them in order, as it works best that way. McCain was excellent, but Obama was even better, with his superb comic timing. :o)

McCain 1

McCain 2

Obama 1

Obama 2

And the interesting thing is, I'm sure there will be plenty of people who read the laughter of each candidate for the other's speech as fake - but I really don't think it is. I suspect that they have a real liking for each other. They've both been through a rare experience - that of standing for US President as party nominees, and it seems to me that that has been, in this case, a bit of a bonding experience for them both. And if Obama wins, I think history will give McCain a small role in the result. He seems to me like a decent man who has been cornered into running a noisome campaign that wasn't really to his taste. But even then, you can see that he doesn't have the stomach for all-out attack, and I think that does him credit.

A week and a half left: my fingers are tightly crossed.

ETA, now I've had a snooze and got up on a nice bright Saturday morning: Am I the only person who thinks that Obama looks bloody hot in white tie? :o)
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