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Many thanks to everyone who texted or messaged or posted happy birthday wishes for me - it was much appreciated. :o)

stefanc bought me dinner in Rules, the oldest restaurant in London. We went there a couple of years ago, also for my birthday, and it turned out to be a good one for both of us. It focuses on game dishes (so not great for vegetarians or vegans, I don't think - one of those places where you have to ask specially, I believe), but it also has a certain John Bullishness about it that I think appeals to Stef's romantic love of Old British Stuff. There was even a small bust of Nelson next to us in the corner. I also like the fact that they post up their bad reviews on the website; there's a classic Kingsley Amis demolition job on there from the 70s.

Off to Cambridge tomorrow for the weekend, and the winks club dinner. I did the dry January thing, so I'm looking forward to a little imbibing over the next couple of days...
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