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Susan Boyle again

I loved Susan's rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream' on BGT, now famous on YouTube. However, as a singer, my first instinct afterwards was to wonder if she could also do subtlety (hoping yes, of course). Subtlety takes more skill, in my experience, than many songs that just require well-performed strength of voice, and it wasn't clear, from the BGT performance, if she had that too. But now this recording of hers from 1999 surfaces, a wonderful interpretation of 'Cry Me A River', which IMO shows a wonderful mastery of subtlety, much to my delight. Her voice here reminds me of some of the best 20th century singers like Barbra Streisand and Ella Fitzgerald. And I can only guess that the more opportunity she has to do it, the better she'll get.

I for one will be buying her abum.
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