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Friday afternoon, and I've not posted for ages...

Damn. Just deleted the first half of a long entry by accident, due to being a bit drunk. I've had 3 pints at lunchtime. As I was saying in the previous paragraph which will now never see the light of day, this means I must sober up. But this should not be too much trouble, as I am very large indeed and can soak it up quickly. 2 and a half is my usual Friday lunchtime vice, and that doesn't tend to bother me.

So today my thoughts are mostly focussed on tonight's shenanigans down at the old TG. Am looking forward to it muchly because a) I've never been to TG proper before, having been put off by other people, but am much encouraged now (Mr. U talked it up; as he pointed out, the only real downside is the loudness of the music, but then I'm half-deaf anyway), and because b) fucking hell it's going to be a bloody interesting dynamic going on there.

So we'll see; in the meantime, I'll have to find a suitable Belgian joke to send round my work colleagues, as it is indubitably Friday afternoon, and I have my fucking responsibilities after all.

Hmm. I think I'll go and smoke soon.
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