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one for the niche market

I have found a singer/actor, who has been around for ages it seems, whom I newly like. I've made a couple of comments on Facebook about him. It's a Frenchman, though, so it's all in French. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Monsieur Philippe Katerine, whom I am currently describing as a mixture of David Walliams and Plastic Bertrand.

For those of you into French stuff and haven't heard him, I offer up as an example 'Louxor j'adore', a bouncy number with enjoyably questionable lyrics; he says how much he likes watching everyone dancing, and then he teases them by switching the music on and off, until they all get pissed off with the wanker who keeps turning off the sound and at this point the lyrics go:

"les gens arrêtent de danser se demandent qui a coupé
et commencent à m'encercler
et la je me sens en danger
alors je leur dis prenez moi
faites de moi n'importe quoi
pendez moi la tete en bas comme la dernière fois"

(The people stop dancing, wondering who keeps cutting the sound out
and start to encircle me
and I feel that I'm in danger
so I say to them - take me and do anything you like -
Hang me upside down, like the last time...)

Splendid stuff. :o) Of course, in the video, the angry mob is merely represented by him crowd-surfing merrily.

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