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a good weekend

I had a fun-packed weekend, it has to be said. Slightly apprehensive at the "chain on; knickers off" email I received from the obvious person on Friday afternoon, as I had elected to wear my very short satiny leopardprint nightdress slip thing to TG. The one I always get asked for business in and that tends to ride up. Still, I resolved to face the problem with fortitude and just made sure I had plenty of opportunities to adjust my clothing appropriately. In the end I only got felt up by strangers twice; once a quick palm on my way out of the darkroomy bit, and once at a bit more length in the crowd waiting for the abysmal performance to start, when it suddenly occurred to me that the bloke behind me was rubbing his cock against my bum. It pained me to have to stop him, as he was rather good looking and it was kind of fun, but I thought that having a very short dress and no knickers and a man behind me with his cock out might eventually result in a not entirely welcome unsafe shag, so I demurred subtly with my body, and he moved on.

TG was great. I thought there was a good choice of music, actually. On your main dancefloor you've got your energetic techno stuff for the folk who like that, and then in the hall across the way they were playing things like bizarre fairground organ music followed by Diamonds Are Forever, and then in the playroom I had an extraordinarily potent moment when I had just started kneeling in front of adjectivemarcus, facing away from him, and Bjork's Play Dead came on. It's one of my most head-blowing songs in any case, but to have it so perfectly timed as to come on just when Marcus started rolling his stick over my chest and neck was an utterly exquisite experience.

So anyway, he, I and katyha, who looked resplendent in the dress she had been bullied into buying eventually went back to Earlsfield and shagged each other pleasantly.

So the next day it was Laura with Morton's List. When Katy says she accidentally corrupted me what she means is that I did my first ever piece of shoplifting - a kumquat from Fortnum & Mason's. I was somewhat flattered at Katy's amazement that I had never shoplifted before, and her assertion that I look like the kind of person "who has tried everything once at least". Splendid. The propaganda's working.

Also on Saturday morning, my period started, but fortunately after I had got out of Katy's bed. However, things took a turn for the worse the following morning, when jhg and I had stayed over in Simon's bed, and I bled all over it. Simon's lovely *new* bed. As I gazed in horror at what I had wrought, Marcus teased me very mildly about it and wandered off, whereupon I made my way into the living room and burst into floods of heartfelt, agonized, passionate tears, as if I had just been ravished by a marauding band of Viking warriors. James and Marcus asked me what was wrong, and I explained that I had spoiled Simon's lovely new bed, betrayed his friendship, and would have to swallow hot coals in order to restore my honour (well, OK, I made that bit up, but you get the idea).

I then giggled for much of the afternoon, went home, and got some fucking sleep at last.
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