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for francophiles mainly, but the chicken one is fun anyway

OK, before I head off to bed, a few more songs from the French guy I keep ranting about.

Firstly, a chillout number, his first ever hit - Je vous emmerde, where he goes around chatting girls up in a club and they all tell him to fuck off: Je Vous Emmerde.

Then, a political one. The lyrics are mostly spoken: he's walking down the road, spots a pretty woman in front of him with long blonde hair and, in the mood for a shag, follows her. But then she turns round and it's Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen and equally mad NF person. So he calms himself down at this fright and heads back home. But then it turns out she's following him, and he can't get away from her. Ah non! Marine Le Pen! Mais non! Marine Le Pen!

And then one that's enjoyable even if you don't speak French (thank fucking Christ for that, I hear you cry), 'cos someone's done a blinder of a cartoon video. It's a song about how he bought this chicken to eat, describes where it came from and how he enjoyed it with a nice bottle of red wine, and he has an abiding love of this chicken. But the video shows a man being tried in a chicken court for chickencide: Poulet numero 728120. Poulet, je t'aime; je pense a toi...
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