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I, like most of my friends, was born after the Apollo 11 moon landings, so when my generation grew up, we simply learned in school that it had happened and that the first man on the moon was called Neil Armstrong. If you're particularly interested (or watch the Simpsons), you know that Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin was second ("second comes straight after first!"). And if you're a particularly tiresome pub quiz geek bore like me, you know that Michael Collins was the third man who stayed in the module. Associative learning-wise, it helps if you know your 20th-Century Irish history. But I digress.

Sometimes I like to chill the fuck out and take a step back. I've noticed, for example, some articles in the press that seem to suggest that there are some women in their early twenties who are doing great feminist stuff who nevertheless seem to think that they are the first generation to come up with their ideas, and, despite ones delight at their good work, that can still be a bit irritating for those of us who lived the hell out of our lives in a fantastic way when we were their age. Because it's irritating to think that these young women think you must be something out of 1876 in your attitudes, misascribing them to 1995. I suspect this must be common - and I suspect it is only something you notice when you get into your thirties. Perhaps I was simply doing the same irritating arrogant thing when I was 21. So I like to take some time these days to respect the achievements of previous generations. And so I get to the moon landings.

Because, when you actually think about it, it goes a bit like this: YOU DID WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!! WITH *THOSE* TYPES OF COMPUTERS?!!!! SHIT!!! HOW CAN WE FUCKING COMPARE?!!!!!!

So I'm enjoying ITN's playful homage ATM, which is taking it day by day and doing a mixture of as-if-it's-happening-today reports interspersed with some cool Peter Snow fancy graphics. Ladies and gentlemen, here is what they've given us so far that I can find on YouTube (I suspect there were others last night and the night before, but they don't seem to be up yet - Monday is the magic day of touchdown, in case you want to tune in):

Day 1 - July 15th 1969

Day 2 - July 16th 1969
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