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The Christmas number one race

By the way, I'm backing RATM, of course, and am hoping some of you may be tempted to do so too. They could do with the help. It doesn't matter to me that they're signed to a label under the umbrella of Sony, in which Cowell has a stake; it's not about trying to put less money into his pocket IMV (what a waste of time that would be). What matters to me is that, for the first time in years, it's actually an interesting race. And in my opinion, the whole RATM for Christmas no.1 campaign is an absolutely delightful piece of seasonal whimsy and just damn good fun. And, in all honesty, I think it speaks well of the UK for all those in other countries who may be as tired as we are of the bland uniformity being foisted on them musically that we actually have a real shot here at upsetting the applecart even just a little bit. We may be an era away from our own Obama moment, but at least we can still rock.

And I do think that Cowell will be genuinely pissed off if RATM somehow manages to pull it off, whatever he might hope people think he thinks with his competent media manipulation and all. The X-Factor song is still going to be hard to beat, since the download part of the week will have leaned more heavily towards the pro-RATM vote, but it'll put a big smile on my face if they do manage to win. :o)

Plus, it's a damn good song.

And if you're still not convinced, bear in mind I will be spending Xmas on my own (out of choice, but still) and my oven is broken, so I probably won't even be able to do myself nice roast potatoes. Nevertheless, I will pretend to be more upset about that than I am so I can start the "Put a Smile on ajva's Face for Xmas" campaign. Howsaboutit, kids?
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