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Jake Shears

I've got the day off tomorrow, and then I'm off to Cambridge for the weekend for the annual Tiddlywinks Club dinner. So I'm just enjoying the opportunity of a late night up to browse various songs on YouTube, and I got onto the Scissor Sisters (just watched Filthy/Gorgeous, as it happens). Now, here's the thing: Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters is currently the only gay man in the world that I fancy. In the past, I have found that, occasionally, I have fancied gay men, but in every single case (and there have been a good dozen or so), they have turned out later to have slept with women occasionally, either actually identifying as bisexual and I didn't know it, or simply identifying as gay but fucking women now and again as one might, and so one must assume, finding women vaguely attractive just now and again for the sake of a nice night. I have never fancied a totally gay man who was gay both in identity and behaviour.

So, given my record, for a few years now, I've been wondering: do you reckon it's possible Jake might actually have fucked Ana Matronic at a particularly cool New York party at some point? Or any other girl, for that matter? If not, he'd be the first utterly gay (in every respect) man I've ever fancied.
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