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In case you've not discovered it yet, the new online TV catch-up service SeeSaw started this week, emerging from the ashes of Project Kangaroo, which was supposed to be a partnership between all the terrestrial broadcasters so you wouldn't have to use BBC iPlayer, 4OD etc. individually any more, but which was nixed by the Competition Commission last year. A private company bought out the assets and launched it themselves, but the good thing is that said company has managed to negotiate some extra partnerships with third-party production companies to show their stuff too, so the selection is better than it might otherwise have been.

So I thought I'd try it out, and I found old episodes of Distraction with Jimmy Carr, which everyone else in the entire world seemed to hate at the time, but which I loved for its humourous cruelty.

And...surprise, surprise - as the credits rolled past, guess who I spotted was one of the writers, before he was famous: Frankie Boyle. Yes. Just his sort of thing, really. :o)

Anyway, why not try out SeeSaw while it lasts? Let's hope they can make their business model work...

ETA: I should have mentioned that it's free, with the idea of putting up some premium content later. So, catch it while you can, all you non-torrenting kids...
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