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my turn

my hair: red, wavy, often unkempt. Today tied back with a sparkly green scrunchie.
my makeup: none just now; always overdone when on, usually with eye liner casually scrolling down from my eyes onto my face.
my dream: to have mattered
my obsession: sex. Dull, I know, but I do think about it pretty much non-stop, and have to force myself to do work or watch the telly.
my most attractive feature: Depends who you ask. Hair, eyes or great big tits are among the top seeds.
my favourite thing to do: no single favourite. But fantasising is good, 'cos it can be anything.
i'm wearing: an old nightie I bought to wear as a dress to a May Ball in 1995. It's a bit small for me now, so my tits hang out of it. Also I'm wearing a shrug with fluffy bits round the top, and a black shirt with gold stripes to hide my bosom because I'm in the office. Also bronze sparkly hold-ups (from Tesco's - I now wear them by choice because they're the only ones I've found that don't faqll down after 2 minutes, brown shoes and black pants. Black is today's colour scheme, in fact.
i'm eating: chips smothered in salt and vinegar.
i'm drinking: diet coke
i'm listening to: the sound of Nicky printing something out. That probably means she's working already. Damn.
i'm feeling: lazy
i'm thinking: I need some cock soon, 'cos I haven't had any in any of the 3 obvious holes for about a month now. Oh no hang on I got to suck a bit at TG and afterwards. Good. I'm not doing too badly then. :o)
i see: a flashing cursor
i find: a bit of chip stuck in my tooth
i want: everybody to have loads of money so we can all go on permanent holiday (see katyha's comments earlier).
i wish: I had been a bit luckier career-wise.
i love: having to think
i hate: the TV always being on in my house.
i miss: having lots of time
i fear: dying without having achieved anything by which I could be remembered
i smell: vinegar
i wonder: when I'm going to get some cock vaginally again, given that male partner 1) only ever wants it when I'm not feeling like it; MP2) prefers not to ; MP3) is so exceptionally good at oral that it doesn't seem to happen much.
i regret: saying things I've said when drunk.
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