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the politics thing...a prediction

OK, here's my prediction: I think the LibDems have about 24 hours to make up their collective mind before losing the majority of its electoral support for years to come.

I really hope they can strike a deal, and even though I have a natural anti-Tory bias, I hope it's with the Tories, because I think a deal with Labour would have so much against it that it would of necessity result in another general election within the year, which would have a real chance of resulting in an outright Tory majority - perhaps even a landslide - consigning this little chance for something different to history.

My Dad is, unsurprisingly, hoping that the SNP will hold the balance of power in the event of a Lib/Lab deal, but that's a great example of why it would be a bad idea, because his focus is entirely on extracting concessions for Scotland, just as Plaid Cymru's focus would be on extracting concessions for Wales and so on, and in essence, any Liberal Democrat pact with Labour would require a bitty coalition that wouldn't last six months. Painful thought though it may be to many Tories and LibDems, a coalition between them would be a bit more stable and their policies do actually have a lot in common.

And I for one would rather see a watered-down Tory manifesto implemented now - with a few bits and pieces for the LDs - and for the next five years, possibly, than for the Tories' entire plan to be implemented with gusto from six months down the line.
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