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Olympics/Paralympics mascots

OK, I know there's a lot of residual cynicism and scepticism about the 2012 Games, but I actually think they've done a pretty cool job with the mascots. Coe has apparently said that their research showed that kids both a) are fed up with furry things as mascots and b) want some kind of story attached. So given those two things, I think what they've come up with is pretty good, especially the way they've tied the UK's part in both sets of Games' history into it.

Disclosure: I am a huge fan of the Olympics and Paralympics, and therefore not to be trusted to be impartial. I am, frankly, very happy I've just bought a house in Leyton; from the entrance to the tube station, on the bridge, you can see the stadium as it takes shape. I will be making the most of it when it happens in 2012. Obviously, anyone else who is interested in attending will be more than welcome to crash over at the time.
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