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the pox: day 3

Well, I can safely say that I don't think I have ever looked more ugly in my life; I look like an extra from a drama-documentary about the Great Plague. However, three days in and there's still no sign of the dreaded itch. My current spots are in a variety of stages, with the ones on my face being furthest along, it seems (I didn't think I'd ever look at my face in the mirror and say out loud to myself "Ah! Looking nice and crusty - good!", but I did), and I still have no real desire to scratch them. Is this a good sign, do you think? Should they be itching by now if they were going to at all?

The worst thing really so far is the uncertainty about whether I'm going to have recovered enough/be non-contagious/look presentable enough by weekend after next to make my little summer Cambridge jaunt. That and the terrible sore throat, of course, which is stopping me eating very much and making it tricky to take in even the water I clearly need. But hey, it won't last forever.
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