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So, I thought I'd check up on the World Cup tiebreak rules so I could work out where England stands. So, here's my understanding of the situation:

1) If England beat Slovenia, they will definitely qualify, but whether first or second will depend on what happens in the other match, towit
a) if Algeria beat the USA, England tops the group and either Algeria or Slovenia finishes second depending on goal difference.
b) if the USA beat Algeria, the USA or England top the group depending on goal difference.
c) if Algeria draws against the USA, England tops the group and Slovenia finishes second.

2) If Slovenia beats England, then England fail to qualify no matter what happens in the other match, since in any event either Algeria or the USA will end up with more than two points, and that team will finish second to Slovenia.

3) If England and Slovenia draw, then
a) If the USA beats Algeria, then the USA and Slovenia both qualify, order decided by goal difference.
b) If Algeria beats the USA, then Slovenia tops the group and Algeria comes second.
c) If Algeria and the USA draw, then Slovenia tops the group and it gets interesting for second place. Cue a further subsection:
i) England go through automatically if their draw involves numbers three higher than the other draw e.g. a 3-3 draw in the England match to a 0-0 in the other.
ii) The USA goes through automatically if the difference is of the order of one or fewer e.g. England draws 1-1 and the USA draws 0-0.
iii) If the difference is exactly two, e.g. England draw 2-2 and the USA draw 0-0, then we will be in the amusing situation where FIFA's rules dictate that the team proceeding to the second round will be decided by drawing a name from a hat.

This last conclusion because, by the order of the rules:

a) Most points scored: both teams will have three points.
b) Goal difference: both teams will have zero goal difference.
c) Most goals scored in all matches: both teams will be the same (the USA are 2 ahead at the moment).
d) Most points in game between USA and England: equal
e) Goal difference in USA-England match: equal
f) Most goals scored in USA-England match: equal
g) Drawing of lots by the FIFA organising committee.

So. Let's hope England win next week, eh?
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