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Frantic rearrangement; not doing very well

I was supposed to be seeing 2 old pals from school tonight, and Stef tomorrow night. Unfortunately, the one of my pals who works for Nomura and has the somewhat terrifying job title of "Vice President, Global Corporate Finance" has unexpectedly had a deal go through quickly and must do some videoconference thingy tonight until 9:30 pm. He's asked to postpone till tomorrow. The other bloke says tomorrow is especially good for him.

I tried to call Stef to see if I could maybe come over tonight instead, but he wasn't in. I blew him off last week to go to my works "client meeting night out in t'pub", so I've not seen him for over 2 weeks (not counting a brief conversation at the Art Cafe) and I feel distinctly uncomfortable about not being able to see him tomorrow either. He seemed a bit down when I saw him on Sunday, and when I spoke to him on the phone on Monday morning, and I really want to see him.

But then again, these old pals of mine obviously have time-heavy jobs, and I might not get the chance again for ages. And I've not seen them for 10 years.

So I've told my old school mates that I can make tomorrow, but I really hope Stef can squeeze me in somewhere in his packed schedule soon. :o(
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