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Tobacco Road

There was a screen with music videos playing silently behind the dancefloor tonight, and I was startled to see an obscure one of my liking playing - envoy, this was the one that was playing as you said cheerio to me on the sofa, in case you were wondering what the hell I was on about.

Eric Burdon: Tabacco [sic] Road

Sometimes a game is played in muso conversations where the girls are asked: "Would you have been a Beatles or a Stones girl?" (The understanding is that the bad girls supposedly preferred the Stones, the actual music being neither here nor there.) Not me: I'd have been an Animals girl, just for Eric Burdon. The best voice by far, along with a 'joli laid' edgy sexiness. Grrr.

You know, there is a rumour that Eric was the "eggman" of the Beatles' I am The Walrus, thanks to his supposed penchant for breaking eggs over naked girls' bodies. I guess we'll never know.
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