Anne (ajva) wrote,


Quite pleased to see that Palestine has upgraded, although it seems to me to be just to a similar status as the Cambridge University tiddlywinks club, which was invented by three weedy Cambridge undergrads in the 1950s so that they could represent the uni against Oxford, in so doing earning themselves "quarter blues", which they themselves invented as a pisstake of the system. In the whole Oxbridge thing, people representing the uni against Oxford in big macho sports such as rugby earn "full blues" (e.g. they get to own a completely light blue scarf in honour of it), those who represent the uni against Oxford in slightly less macho sports like archery get "half-blues" (i.e. their scarves are half blue half white). So the tiddlywinkers took the total piss out of this by inventing their own "sport" and their own "quarter blue" tradition. This is one reason why I loved them as a young woman.

And yes, to me today, it seems as if Palestine has just won a quarter blue in UN terms. Good luck, folks!
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