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In work on Hogmanay

First time I've ever worked between Xmas and New Year. I think Wednesday's "business as usual" will be less hard on me than if I hadn't come in today.

Period started last night over at Fleeming. Shame it was just after I had taken my clothes off to thank James for going out to the offy. Bugger. In a similar vein, I managed to break stuff in Mr. Unpronounceable's house. We were pissing about having a pretend fight and he threw me on the bed, which promptly collapsed. I hear from trishpiglet's journal that he has managed to get a plank of wood to fix it, though. So that's good.

Party tonight. I need a bath and a meal. Will sort that out later.

A Happy New Year tae yin and a'!

Anne. xxx
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