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Phew! (Kickboxing report)

Well, as soon as I got out my calves were aching. I had tremendous difficulty walking down Tottenham Court Road to get to the tube station. Reason: we were required to "shuffle" all the time we weren't actually punching or kicking i.e. you know that bouncing from foot to foot that boxers do, with their fists up in front of them. Well, that. Non-stop. For an hour, even when we were just listening to the instructor.

It's bloody brilliant, though. It's a woman-only class and it's a very comfortable, encouraging atmosphere with no macho bullshit. In fact I think I was a bit guilty of showing off myself, and feel a bit ashamed now (at first I was punching the pads as hard as I could - we were told after a while that we weren't supposed to do that, and that it was all about control etc.).

I've not had a workout like that for years; certainly not since involuntary school PE nightmares. Kickboxing rocks, though - it feels fantastic when you come out.

If any lassies ( or laddies - there are some mixed classes in the school, but not many) are interested in going, I highly recommend it, and I'll give you the details.

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