Anne (ajva) wrote,

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back again

Well I was off sick yesterday, which meant I couldn't update (my home PC's busted bigtime). The Saturday party was cool, and I went drinking at the tiddlywinks garden party in Cambridge on Sunday afternoon.

Will be fitting in more swimming soon (of course - don't think you get off lightly, mes amis), and should really fit in more maths too.

Especially since head of department has just asked me if I can have a go at modelling some correlations of economic variables to advertising expenditure (or indeed, anything I can think of which might be relevant). I wasn't hired to do this. He's obviously trying to a) give me something to do I'll find an interesting challenge and b) impress the chief exec with our collective head for figures. In any case, it means I get to skive off down to the DTI library soon.

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