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sorry but I need to say this...

What with lolliepopp and Dave S away, it would seem a shame to waste an empty house, so Mr. Unpronounceable and I had a lovely weekend by turns cleaning up the carpets, by turns doing pervy stuff in the house.

He also took me along to Kew Gardens where I met a very small woman called Grace who knows everything there is to know about European orchids. There's an absolutely beautiful orchid exhibition on at the moment, too. It was a very lovely, peaceful day. :o)

So then the Stefster buggered off on Sunday afternoon and I felt at a bit of a loose end. But then he called me to say he wasn't meeting up with Amela (another partner of his) after all since she was ill, and would I like him to come back. I said I would like him to come back.

So then we watched telly and then when we went up to my bedroom we danced about to/sang along with his best of Sinatra CD, and do you know what?

I'm in love again.
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