Anne (ajva) wrote,

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Me too! Me too!

I too have the cold!

Unfortunately we have just been set a strict deadline at work, which hardly ever happens. My nose is stuffed up. I shall go home this evening and perhaps make soup.

Yesterday was spent being insulted and lectured by Stef's Dad. He didn't mean anything by it - it's just the way he communicates. In fact, the whole family communicate with each other by insulting each other. I'm only just getting used to it, as it really is quite extraordinary. I've never been to a house where the people were so openly rude. I found myself deliberately eating a chocolate Flake last night just to be contrary, because Stef's Dad insisted I wasn't allowed it because I was supposed to be on a diet (sic), and kept trying to grab it off me. Good grief.

They seem to really like me, though, for all that.

*sniff sniff snort splutter*
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