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healthy scary me

Went back and did that American fascist Real Age test again. I am now apparently 23.4 years old. This is younger than I was the last time I did it, about 3 years ago. Hurrah! (if you believe in such silly things).

Last night the kickboxing instructor pointedly asked me if I was going to buy some boxing gloves soon. So I bought them there and then. �35 the pair. They're the business though. In my colours of red and black, too. :o) I might start tying them outside my sports bag to put off potential muggers, actually. Ha ha.

Must sort out my stance, though. Nobody's said anything but I think I crouch forward too much as it takes me too long to do a snap front kick because I waste time shifting my balance backwards. Hmmm. Must practise soon.

Yay! Scary me!

Still fluffy, though. Will be demandous of cuddles this evening.

See you later, all you lovely people! May you always have chocolate! :oD >/fluffygrinnysilly<

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