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vegetables, a rant...

I wish my loved ones liked vegetables more.

I have to struggle against the tide in this because

a) There are certain very common foods I don't particularly enjoy eating, the most obvious example of which is the tomato. I also dislike the taste of warm melted cheese, and am not that keen on mushrooms either. At a stroke this exiles me from (i)vegetarianism and (ii)slightly-vegetably dishes that non-vegetable eaters can deal with, like anything that has just meat, potatoes and (sigh) tomatoes, our red-nosed pal.

b) It's not just that people won't eat vegetables I give them when I cook, it's that when people very kindly make dinners for me, there are never nearly enough vegetables in them, which actually does leave me feeling yucky and malnourished (yes really), but when people are nice enough to give you food you can't really complain. Particularly when you're troublesome enough not to eat pizza or pasta with pasta sauce (all pasta sauces are heavily laden with tomato - oh, except for the one that's entirely made up of melted cheeses. Damn). Example: I sent Stef out with a shopping list yesterday for veggies to go with the chicken roast we were going to have. It looked like this:

1 tin sweetcorn
2 carrots
2 parsnips

He came back with potatoes, parsnips and carrots and claimed the other things were not available in the shop he went to. Which meant I HAD TO GO WITHOUT MY GREENS!!!


Don't get me wrong, it was very nice of him buying vegetables and yadda yadda yadda, but even though potatoes are obviously technically vegetables, they're not in what I would consider the "vegetable" category. And parsnips are like potatoes. And carrots are carrots. After a while too much beta-carotene sticks in my craw. No greens. Boo hoo.

I could easily eat 6 different kinds of vegetables with each meal. I don't only love them; I need them. I am agog at how few vegetables many of my non-vegetarian pals eat, and also by how small and crap the vegetable servings you get in restaurants are.

I blame the parents. Your tastebuds learn to like what they're given when you're young, and my parents pretended to like vegetables so that I would follow their example and eat them. It worked. By contrast, Stef's mum is German and has done the cooking for the family in traditional German fashion. I have been fed by them several times now, and there is nary a vegetable in sight. It's all roast potatoes and chops and fuck all of green value, except possibly the occasional bit of pickled cabbage. Oh wait - when I was in Capel-le-Ferne we had a vegetarian dish for Sarah's sake. What was it? Oh yes - roast potatoes in melted cheese and cherry tomatoes, with a side order of baked potato with melted cheese and some potato. Yum.

And it's not just Stef, of course. Come out from behind the meat cabinet, adjectivemarcus - yes you! I see you hiding that militant anti-cruciferous stance up your sleeve. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Please note this is meant as a light-hearted rant. It really isn't all that important as I know I can damn well get my ass to the supermarket if it's that vital to me. :o)

(I would like to point out, for the record, that I never had this problem with jhg, who is an excellent cook and eats very well. Which is obvious, though, from his bright eyes and bushy tail, I'm sure you'll agree.)
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