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bouncy again

Not in yesterday's morose mood any more, as I have made decisions about what I am going to do.

1) See doctor at 9:30am on Tuesday, request change of anticonvulsant medication. Possibly I shall request Lamictal and just hope I don't get a nasty rash. But I am going to keep a close eye from now on in any case, and I'm definitely going to come off the Epilim.

2) Have initial consultation at a private chiropractic/osteopathy clinic (at 5pm on Monday) which I have carefully researched and happily discover I can just about afford, as long as I don't go boozing over the next couple of weeks (which, when changing anticonvulsant meds is probably not such a good idea anyway).

3) I've not learnt any Italian for about 6 weeks. I'll have to start again probably. Hee hee. Anyway, I'll do some at the weekend as well as some of the next Group Theory chapter, which seems to spend its entire time going into the properties of the integers in pained detail.

4)Kickboxing social on Saturday night.
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