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I have 3 envelopes on my desk to be posted today.

1) A reply to the British Library (yay!)

2) Entry form for competitions from Chat magazine, which I picked up at Heathrow last Sunday to tide me over to King's Cross. There are loads of competitions in there and they're ridiculously easy considering the amounts of cash available to win.

3) Letter to my GP requesting to be referred out of borough for my neurology appointment. I got a letter a couple of days ago from Whipps Cross, telling me how sorry they were but I'd have to wait at least 6 months for an appointment. Bullshit. A quick search on the net finds consultants in other london hospitals with waiting times of 5 weeks. So I've written a letter explaining my situation and saying I'm going to write to my M.P. if I don't hear from them within 2 weeks that they're going to do as I ask. The letter's also full of stuff like "I must make absolutely clear that I don't hold anybody here responsible", "I know that you are all doing a sterling job with scant resources" etc etc etc, so it's not rude, in case you were wondering.
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