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Just looked up my old school's website out of curiosity. The annual fees for secondary school are now about £5500 (they were sub £2000 when I was in my final year, 1990/91) for older kids and £4600 for tots. OTOH, they do a lot of stuff they never did when I was there, like Spanish and Russian (bah! I would have loved those) as well as French and German. They also teach kids French from age 8 (hurrah!).

Mixed feelings are, in no particular order, nostalgia, pride, and upsetness that I wouldn't be able to afford to send any kids I had to the school I went to and that was such a huge part of my life (although of course I probably won't have any, and even if I did they'd go to school in London). But frankly that last one makes me feel a bit of a failure. They gave me a gold medal once, but kids of mine would have no right to go there. Blimey.

In other news, I feel a bit on edge because the big big boss was concerned that somebody had sent me an email that he thought shouldn't concern me. I picked up Jon's phone, you see, and got myself copied in on sth somebody was sending the office just in case it was important (Jon's not back till Monday). Turns out it was utterly vital and everybody was waiting on it. No-one told me though, of course. I'm just a little person. I've not been blamed or anything, I just feel utterly terrified that it could have gone very wrong. Lah de dah. You know, maybe it's time to get a new job.
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