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last night's dream

I had a weird, troubling dream last night, absolutely full of bad sex and horrific violence. Specifically, I was walking down a street when I saw that there were some roadworks in the turning I was about to take, such that I would only have a very narrow path through. I could also see a couple of angry-looking people hanging about by the small gap holding iron bars.

So I legged it down the hill to catch the bus instead, where I met Stef. He came on the bus with me but then it was hijacked by a large number of people with iron bars who came upstairs to where we were sitting and started poking him in the face because he was getting lippy, and then they started bashing my head. Suddenly I was on the other side of the bus looking behind me and wondering how I got there. I was told that my memory lapse must be because they had brain damaged me by hitting my head very hard with an iron bar.

Then later we all got to a hotel where my ear was itching a lot, and a suddenly found that I had a lot of old nails inside my head, which I had to try really hard to scratch out of my ears.

Later on I took my parents' car to get into work(!), planning to take it back before they would need it. For some reason I stopped at a place (I know where it is irl - it's a restaurant now, and it used to be a second-hand car showroom. It's just outside Glasgow, and I used to pass it every day on the way to school) and got talking to this man who ended up raping me.

There was also golf and me skiving work without calling in, but they're not too horrific. Still, I was glad to wake up and discover that a) I had not foolishly attempted to drive without ever having learned how to. b) My head was OK c) I wasn't going to be ridiculously late for work.

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