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A very pleasant time was had by all. We discovered that the owner of the LL also owns the restaurant across the way, where we were eating before Submission. We reckon when we get to France on our little jaunt in the Gironde we'll find him there with his toes dipped in the pool welcoming us and telling us about his refurbishment plans for the chateau.

Went swimming with Mr. E, which was good fun (flumes etc.), then headed off to SMBis play party and got hit a bit. Then persuaded Mr. Unpronounceable that he should really eat something and we went out to the chicken restaurant before coming back to his, chilling out and teasing each other a lot.

We both of us lost Battleships 3 times in a row each, so we had to toss a coin for control of the evening, or we'd never have got fucking started.

And then today I slept in, having not gone to bed until about 5:45 am. But I was only 25 minutes late, which isn't too bad. I will sleep tonight, I reckon.
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