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This weekend I have mostly been...

...very very drunk indeed. I'm afraid Stef and I bothered Laura by crashing about the house and its environs at all hours on Saturday night (sorry babe!), both very drunk. We were sitting in the garden at about 10pm and Stef suddenly took a notion to mow the lawn because the length of the grass troubled him. Then I started singing very loudly indeed and not terribly well, either.

Then yesterday we went to the tiddlywinks garden party in Cambridge, where Stef kindly stayed on lemonade so I could get drunk and then he dragged me back to London at 8pm. Dr. Nick Inglis, a mathematics lecturer with bright ginger hair including a big bushy ginger beard (he has a secondary occasional career as a film extra in "celtic tribes attacking"-type scenes) was exceptionally drunk and being very loud. Reminded me of me being drunk, actually. Anyway, he noticed a fluffy yellow bag that was in the shape of a toy dog, and, wondering to whom it belonged (for it was not obvious), began singing "Is that your dog?" over and over again to the tune of "Guide me Oer, thou great Jehovah". He then fell asleep on a chair, dropped his punch all over his trousers, and Dub Dub (aka Andrew Gibson - an individual known to thekumquat, I believe) began to decorate his beard and moustache with a few wooden skewers. He didn't wake up until they'd all fallen out, a good half hour later.

We came third in Patrick's quiz; Stef helped by knowing that the Leipzig symphony orchestra is called the Leipziger Gesamthaus. Well done laddie.
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