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Hello? Anybody there?


I am alive but a bit deaf.

I am also much more tired than I thought I'd be, and I can't make any sudden movements, due to the fact that my ear, having been cut off and drilled through, is now being held on my head by 17 staples. Seriously.

I may put in an appearance to night at the LL, just to see everybody, but it won't be for long and you'll all have to speak up. ;o)

It seemed to go as well as could be expected. Apparently there was a lot of disease and my incus bone (the "anvil" of the ossicles) was completely missing, presumably eaten through by the cholesteatoma. I fear, too, that they may have made contact with the tympanic nerve, as I was warned was possible; the right hand side of my tongue is still numb, and I would have thought the anaesthetic would have worn off by now. Ah well - at least I still have half of it working! No attempt has yet been made to reconstruct my hearing; they'll try that next year. Apparently I'm supposed to take 2 weeks off work! I won't be able to do that, but at least I'll skip my kickboxing grading - I'd be scared I'd tear my ear off!!!

My Mum and Stef have been great; they even let me win at Monopoly this afternoon...
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