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stuff including my ear

Still off work, intending to go back tomorrow. The top of my ear feels numb - I'm assuming there's not much blood flow there (well, there wouldn't be what with it getting cut off and stuck back on again, I s'pose!). Still hurts inside a bit but not too much, and the feeling of getting tired very quickly is fading. So much for 2 weeks off work. I will make sure I casually mention to my bosses that I was supposed to take two weeks off after the operation, but in fact only took 2 more days than pre-booked. Hopefully they'll be happy enough with that.

In the meantime, Stef continues to be very nice and nursemaidy. However, he has betrayed his allegiances rather by admitting he will support Germany from now on in the World Cup. Bloody Kraut.

Staples out on Thursday - appointment at 10am. Hurrah!
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