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Spent largely with Stef, of course. As I was laying down drunkenly on Friday night I felt the cold, hard metal of something against my fingers and thought "Aha! I may be drunk but this is emphatically *not* a pillow". 'Twas trishpiglet's ring, of course. Stef called her to let her know we had it next morning, and we met up with her in town during the afternoon. We went to a pizza place, so I had lots of "all you can eat" salad. Trish amused us with impressions of people we all knew. Hee hee.

Then Trish went off to buy a new top as she had got chocolate sauce on the one she was wearing, and Stef and I went window shopping for a staggering four and a bit hours. We ended up in Harmony, where I bought a PVC dress from the Honour section on the top floor, which (amazingly) fitted. Stef saw it on me in the fitting room and was very quiet all the way back to his place, where we had a damn good shag.

Sunday saw me join Cannons health club in the West End with a six-week trial membership option. Then a Bicon meeting that continued even after it was over because we're all enjoying ourselves so much doing it (lucky us), and then back to Stef's where I caught "X-Men" on the telly.

I am now awake and feeling utterly lazy. Tonight I am going to Cannons to take my first aqua exercise class (my head will not be under the water, so it's OK). I need to go at least 3 times a week and take loads of classes over the next few weeks to justify the £80 expense, I reckon. Still, it should tide me over exercise-wise until I can go swimming and kickboxing again.
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