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Retail therapy

Today has mostly been spent spanking my credit card for the first time in ages. I now have

a) a new mobile, an upgraded model of the last one (same number)
b) a watch with the letters "DKNY" on the front. I am not turning into a label queen, but on my way to Oxford St. to try to find somewhere that sold cheap watches, I stumbled into Liberty's and they were having a sale. Said watch did £70 of damage to my card. I was sorely tempted by a nice blue Armani one, but that cost £99 and I didn't really feel I could justify spending that much on a bloody watch. I mean, I have a terrible habit of losing/breaking the things anyway. £70 is the most I have ever spent on a watch; my previous highest was £13.50 from Argos. Either I am growing up or simply becoming more profligate.
c) Various items from Boots, including essentials (new toothbrush, mouthwash etc.), but also some skincare/beauty items that I'm planning to inflict on the Stefster tonight once I have him in my foul and filthy paws.

I went to the gym and spent 45 mins in the actual gym bit, then half an hour in the tiny lagoon-like swimming pool (there was nobody else there!!!). I have just eaten Thai food.

I am a happy person, generally speaking. :o)
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