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picnic n stuff

Went to the SMBis picnic last night and ran into Philip Attwood, so it turned into an exceptionally boozy evening. I got exceptionally merry and smoked - the third time I have done so whilst drunk after giving up (or should that be "giving up" :o) ).

So, I got thinking about it just now and I started wondering - what would I really *miss* if I didn't drink either? And I thought: "a glass of red wine with steak, or white wine with Lemon Sole goujons or Vegetable Tempura in a Thai restaurant, or a cocktail with a fancy meal". I don't feel I would miss getting drunk, really, or being very drunk late at night on a tube home. And now I appear to have got into a bit of a habit with smoking while plastered and at no other time, there would appear to be an excellent incentive not to get plastered any more. That, and the million and one reasons that usually go with it.

So then I thought, well, I never have more than a glass or two of wine with a meal, and it doesn't tend to make me drunk.

So then I thought, what about giving up recreational drinking, and just drinking with meals instead?

So I'm going to do that.

So there you go. I am truly becoming boring in my old age.
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