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Right. That's it.

I got bitten by a bed bug last night and actually woke up and caught it, squished it and stuck it to the wall so I could examine it this morning to see what it was. This was in Stef's bed. Ironically, I have suspected for several days that I have bugs in my own bed, as I have been getting big raised weals. I was rather looking forward to a night without pests. No such luck.

However, it is stirring me into action. I'm calling the council at lunchtime to get them to come over and get rid of the bed bugs, the cockroaches I discovered in the kitchen on Monday, the mouse and any other pest of hell fucker that is living in my filthy house. I am going to put up the £100 - £150 myself and I hope that any housemates online reading this (hint hint not very subtle) will help keep the house cleaner than we have before, seeing as I'm being good enough to put up cash I can't really afford to sort our initial problem out. I will do my bit for cleanliness too, believe you me.


And I better ulti-matum Stef to get his bed bugs sorted out too. Bloody antique furniture.

* The pests I mean, not my lovely housemates.
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