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Quiet weekend

In addition to the Liquid Lounge putative membership excitement, I got chatted up on Friday night in the toilets by none other than DJ Debbie Smith (formerly of echobelly, may they rest in peace). She has invited me in a sort of general way to her other gig - Saturday Night Beaver at the Royal Oak. I may go.

Spent the whole of Saturday afternoon watching Sue Barker fill in during the rain at Wimbledon. Good to see Mr. Clinton is as lechy as ever, describing the Williams sisters as "gazelles" with the old glint in the eye etc. Mad E came round early evening. D opened the door, Mad E asked him if everyone was busy right now, and D responded with a staggeringly mendacious and thoughtless "yes", clearly wanting her to fuck off because he couldn't be arsed with her company, despite all the shite she's been through recently. Then he realised perhaps he'd been a bit harsh, and asked Mr. Enthusiastic and myself (we were sitting in the telly room) if he should call after her to get her back, and we said yes of course. He did so, but obviously wished we hadn't pushed him to it. Perhaps he wished he hadn't asked us for our input. Ah well, one day he may develop the courage to take the blame alone...

And Sunday was band rehearsal day. We also had 2 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of champagne to celebrate A's 21st birthday, which had been the previous day.

And I dodn't go swimming this morning and therefore feel unfit. And I think my period's coming on. And I want lots of money and sex and chocolate. Now. Bah.
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