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oh for fuck's sake

The result mentioned at the top of the page here is an important result in my current course that there are always questions on in the exam. e.g. I will be working out how many equivalence classes of (= different ways of) colouring there are for a particular shape with a certain number of colours. It's also piss easy to say what the colourings are (ie. Oh yes, there will be one all red colouring and one all blue colouring, three one red and five blue etc. etc. blah blah - you just stick it in the formula, and it's easily understandable why it works).

Except... when the theorem is stated like it is on that webpage, it's so fucking impenetrable that I barely recognise it.

Bloody mathematicians and their abstruse ways. Grrr. No wonder people think maths is impossible. I reckon it's 'cos lots of them are ugly and need to prove their superiority in other ways, like intellectually excluding people.

Disclaimer: No, not all mathematicians are ugly. I know that. Some of my sexiest friends are mathematicians. I'm being facetious. Chill.
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