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It went very well. :o)

In fact, it went better than any exam since the Chinese I (Classical) difficult-unseen-translation-turned-out-to-be-from-part-6A-of-the-Mencius-which-I-had-studied-off-my-own-bat-because-of-a-growing-interest-in-Confucian-philosophy-three-weeks-previously-and-could-remember-almost-perfectly fiasco of June 1993.

I even had 10 minutes or so at the end where I was twiddling my thumbs, tweaking a few things but really just relaxing. There were a couple of bits I had to fudge, mainly lines of proofs that didn't quite work, but nothing that'll lose me squillions of marks. I am fortunate enough to 'suffer from' the opposite of exam nerves/stage fright which means I usually find my performance improves in exams for no good reason. The only thing is that this particular paper is very easy to fuck up without realising, because there are lots of finicky bits : e.g. a lot of the geometry part is about spotting symmetries of patterns, and even with tracing paper (which I don't much like using incidentally, although I find it handy to verify rotational symmetry) it's easy to miss a glide reflection axis if you're not careful, particularly when you've got only a few minutes to do each question. Still, I managed to answer everything and I'm pretty confident that I've got a good 2:i at least.


The exam paper will be available for browsing tonight if anybody should give a shit. :o)
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