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Blair/Chirac fisticuffs

Just spent lunchtime reading up on how the French papers are reporting the spat between Blair and Chirac over the CAP. Unsurprisingly, Le Monde and Liberation seem to be fairly sympathetic to Blair, and Le Figaro and France-Soir are backing Chirac, although any French person with half a brain and the slightest liberal sympathies would still be able to sigh at how crap zir president is by reading the reports in the right-wing papers.

Anyone out there who can translate a few words of French for me? I include the whole sentence for clarity; the italicized idiom eludes me and my dictionary...

Il faut dire qu'il n'y a pas été de main morte, accusant cette politique, chère au coeur de Chirac, d'être responsable de la misère du tiers-monde.

The quote's from left-wing stalwart Libération.
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