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nice weekend

Nice relaxing weekend. Had to give the pub a miss on Friday night as I had drunk a lot the previous day and was still recovering. Instead, I turned up at Stef's door clutching a bag of Nando's I'd bought from the Upper Street branch; I had threatened him with a Thai takeaway but despite the "Oh yes - good plan!" response I got on the phone when making the suggestion, I had detected a note in his voice that would prefer a big pile of chips to a sensible portion of rice. So that got the weekend off to a good start.

Then Saturday we went to a nearby market to collect some material for our capes and I accidentally bought a black wig on the way back. Stef then sewed buttons on to the material and folded down the collar bits with safety pins and voila! Two capes of doom. However, this did mean that my injuction that we had to leave by 3pm in order that I get home for 4pm (and the arrival of a big pile of groceries I'd ordered for the party) had to be somewhat reassessed. Especially when the pair of us had to wait 55 mins in the rain for the bus to turn up. We finally got into mine at about a quarter to seven.

Incredibly, Mat chopped carrots. I didn't even have to ask. His chef's sensibilities were cruelly offended by Stef's cackhanded efforts. Or so he claimed. :o)

Oops. I wasn't supposed to mention that to anybody ever. Oh well.

The party was fabulous. There was a huge selection of really superb costumes; I was most impressed. Highlights included katyha's irritating demonic box and migrating nipples, adjectivemarcus's stunning characterisation, trishpiglet's inordinately large number of spiders, duranorak's eye makeup, babysimon's convincing Spike (and his mortal combat with barking_watcher), lolliepopp's eye-bruising PVC basque, simondraycott's eating difficulties, sweinhodge's hairy feet and tephramancy's wonderfully OTT angel. And lots of others I can't call to mind right now but which were excellent too. It was cooooooooooooooool. :o)

I was delighted that several people completely failed to recognise me even after being told who I was. I obviously *am* my hair. Splendid. Perhaps I will now run away and enjoy an exciting life of crime and the investigating officers will say - "But this girl's a redhead; we're searching an evil brunette. Sorry to trouble you, ma'am." :o)

Didn't get too drunk at the party; I managed to pace myself reasonably well and woke up at 8:22 am wanting company. I woke Stef up but made up for it by being up for lots of stuff I'm not usually up for at that time of the morning. He got suspicious, in fact: "Why are you being so nice? What's wrong? Shit! It must be something really, really bad." etc. etc. :o)

So after long bout of housemate-disturbing romping/playing we got up and started tidying stuff up. I was so enthusiastic, I even changed the hoover bag. And hoovered lots of carpet. And found we've had new recycling boxes delivered (yay), so was able to recycle everything recyclable from the party, and more besides. This also put Stef in a good mood, of course.

All this zeal made us late again, of course, so we didn't leave for Trish's until 4pm. Fortunately we took the 'overland from Leyton Midland Road' option which turned out to be well-timed and efficient. The toilet had been locked up but fortunately I had my adjustable spanner with me so Stef was able to break in for a piss.

Then when we got there the buzzer wasn't working. Very fortunately indeed sashajwolf had also just arrived and was able to call Trish, who was apparently just on her way down the stairs with a 'Buzzer not working - please phone' sign.

I had a nice time, although cat issues necessitated a reasonably early exit as lung and asphyxiation issues started becoming more and more difficult to ignore despite 3 antihistamine pills. Fortunately I stayed long enough to see the party get nice and warm, and to hear Stef singing for the birthday girl. He sounded a little embarrassed to be performing in front of everybody but he did pretty well considering. :o)

Then we walked back to his, stopping off at the Coronet pub on the way for a couple of lambburgers. I wonder if anyone has read this far. The thought occurs that what I had for dinner last night is not actually very interesting, but I'm determined to post a detailed write-up of my weekend, because I never do. Anyway, it was lambburgers. No ketchup available, unfortunately.

And now, to the toilet.
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