Anne (ajva) wrote,

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sex and blood

Thanks to djm4 for pointing out to me on Saturday that the reason I keep posting entries in my LJ going on and on about how much I want sex is probably because I'm not getting as much as everybody else.

I did manage to shag both boyfriends at the weekend, though, so that was something. Of course, my period started on Sunday, which means I now feel as if the bottom half of my body is both somewhere else, and also here yet filled with golden syrup. Am lethargic, and would dearly love to go to bed, suck my thumb and nap. May do so later on when I get home, although I should really be working on my geometry.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I've got to tell you - I achieved something chuff-making! I managed to tie Mr. U up so he couldn't escape! He usually gets out within about 6 mins, so that's a bit of an advance. I improve. ;O)
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