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current survey

Five things I like about me:
1) My body
2) The fact I think my body's fantastic (a.k.a. confidence)
3) I'm courageous.
4) I'm very good at dedicating myself to something if I decide to do it.
5) I'm good at knowing what people are thinking.

Five things I don't like about me:
1) arrogance
2) over-critical
3) I blame people too quickly if they can't sort themselves out.
4) I sometimes give advice/opinion when it is not welcome.
5) crap health

Five things I'm looking forward to:
1) Christmas
2) having more money
3) choosing tonight's dinner
4) my next hug
5) getting my green belt

Five things I'm not looking forward to:
1) finishing this and getting back to work
2) my next flame war with djm4
3) my next ear operation
4) having to convince people to give me money for Bicon
5) my next hangover
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