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timehunt timewaster

Well, I've wasted far too much time this week when I should have been working, doing this, the puzzle competition I directed adjectivemarcus towards a couple of days ago, and with which I imagine he has lost patience by now due to software problems. (sorry Marcus :o) )

I am a bit pissed off by the 'Mercury gateway' puzzle, as the monoalphabetic substitution cipher took me much longer than I expected to figure out and still, it appears, there is more to the puzzle yet. So I know what the passage says, but I have no bloody idea what the solution to the puzzle is. Damn. On the other hand, I have worked out the ratio of the distance between the centres of two circles of equal radius to their radius, such that the overlapping area is equal to the sums of the two non-overlapping areas. So I can get to Venus. Hurrah.
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