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Tonsillitis again (I think). I ran over to Stef's with my tail between my legs on Friday night. I'm a bit spoiled these days, really. For years after leaving home there was nobody to really fuss over me when I was ill, so I got used to coping by myself. Then came Stef, bless him. It's like having my Mum and Dad again. We did the dance of the "phoning lots of doctors out of hours" on Saturday morning and finally managed to find a service called Camidoc, which puts you in touch with an on-call GP with whom you have a telephone consultation. The lovely lady phoned up a local chemist to authorise some antibiotics for me.

So I feel a bit better now, although I still have lots of ulcers on my tonsils and my head is stuffed full of gunk. For the first time I've made the connection between my recurring bouts of swollen tonsils/adenoids, and my recurring ear infections. The next time I see the ear doc I'm going to ask about getting my tonsils and adenoids removed, as I think it'll be good for my ears and maybe I won't have to worry about recurring cholesteatomas.

I managed to tie Stef up a couple of times in thanks. :o)

Managed to get out on Sunday; Stef dragged me to a place called Crews Hill (near Enfield), which is in the green belt and whose local economy seems entirely dependent on a large number of garden centres situated by the station. Around this time of year, many of these centres turn into "Christmas Land". So we had an ideal day of looking at Christmas tat and plants for Stef (and one of the shops had two reindeer visiting! They seemed to be quite happy; they had a huge area to wander round in). Cheered me up no end. Then when we got back I managed to watch a French film (L'Aile at la Cuisse - "The Wing and the Thigh"), which was a comedy about a famous gourmet who publishes Michelin-type restaurant guides and visits restaurants incognito. He expects his son to follow him into the family business but the latter wants to be a clown. The baddie is the head of a chain of "Little Chef"-type restaurants whose evil scheme is to discredit the heroes and make all French people eat synthetic food. Very French, huh? It was fun and I followed nearly all of it (hooray!).
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