Anne (ajva) wrote,

small annoyance

Half the stuff on the timehunt is inaccessible to me now, as I have suddenly become unable to look at any of the shockwave puzzles. I just get the basic black screen with a white rectangle in the middle where the puzzle should be. It's not a major thing, as it's only a puzzle game, but it *is* irritating, particularly as I seem unable to download shockwave again from the macromedia site. The IT dept has been upgrading servers and faffing about a lot, so I'm wondering if shockwave might have been removed from my computer remotely. I still have a nagging doubt that I might have fucked things up myself by downloading, installing and uninstalling a small shareware program yesterday.

Either way, I can't play here any more. :o(

Of course this just means I'll have to go to internet cafes to do it now. I can't possibly give up; I just got my first wee blue light for solving a main puzzle on a planet (Saturn, for which I had to learn about alchemy).

In other news, an idle thought crosses my mind: Stefan Czeladzinski would be an ideal name for a fashion designer.
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